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Bohr Premium 😍

Significant result on Firming, Lifting & Moisturising !

It brings surprise on wrinkle removal effect!


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Contains 24k real gold 115ppm
24k gold containing the skin cleansing and effective zero nutrients to help the odd to energize the skin and give it a natural light-aged expression and is a powerful skin care. The flesh is doe to the raw material.

Contains 38% of centella asiatica leaf extract
Also called as tiger herb since tigers cure themselves by rubbing their body with the plant, centella asiatica leaf has excellent calming effects. Centella asiatica leaf extract is famous for being widely used in Ayurveda, which is well-known as Indian traditional medicine. With excellent anti-oxidant effect, it is used as not only a medical herb but also an aesthetic ingredient.

7 high expensive peptide containing 12%
Peptide are compounds that combine amino acids this is characterized by the ingredients that are produced in the process of decomposition of proteins, and are quickly absorbed with a rich nutrients. Enhances the skin ability to produce collagen and smooths the skin.

Contains 5% of volufiline from France
Developed by Sederma, a French company providing cosmetic ingredients, volufiline is extracted from roots of the Asian plant Anemarrhena asphodeloides. Containing ingredients activating fat cells, volufiline has excellent effects for skin elasticity and has been widely used in the world for high stability and effects.

Vitamin Complex 9
with 9 different vitamins to enrich skins nutritens

Royal Jelly
Rich in nutrients to promotes metabolism

On keratin
Reinforce that protective outer layer, keeping skin healthy.

包含24k 真金115ppm
24k 黄金含有皮肤清洁和有效的零营养素, 帮助加强皮肤屏障形成强大的保护层。产品中的金点是真实的黄金。

含38% 的积雪草叶提取物
也叫老虎药草自老虎用植物来治疗自己的身体, 积雪草叶有很好的镇静作用。积雪草叶提取物以其广泛应用于印度传统医学而闻名。具有优异的抗氧化剂作用, 不仅是一种药用草本植物, 而且是一种美学成分。

肽是结合氨基酸的化合物, 它的特点是在蛋白质分解过程中产生的成分, 并迅速吸收了丰富的养分。提高皮肤能力, 以产生胶原蛋白和平滑皮肤。

包含5% 来自法国的 volufiline
由一家提供化妆品配料的法国公司 Sederma 开发, volufiline 是从亚洲植物知母的根部提取的。volufiline 含有活化脂肪细胞的成分, 对皮肤弹性有很好的影响, 在世界上得到了广泛的应用, 具有很高的稳定性和效果。



加强保护外层, 保持肌肤健康。

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