Congratulations on ****HUREA AL ASMAA TRADING****, our Exclusive Agency ( UAE & Oman ) responsible on leading and caring all the distributors of our Medical Grade Products and creating a WOW effect to the market!

**Bohr effect**

Etymology: Christian Bohr, Danish physiologist, 1855-1911

the effect of CO2 and H+ on the affinity of hemoglobin for molecular O2. Increasing PCO2 and H+ decrease oxyhemoglobin saturation, whereas decreasing concentrations have the opposite effect. In humans a decrease of pH from 7.4 to 7.3 at 40 mm Hg PO2 decreases oxyhemoglobin saturat...

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So you may notice that we are making some changes.
What are we getting at you might be asking yourself. Well, we are growing and with that growth comes change. Our big change is that we are officially embracing our flagship brand, BohR Mask as our public face.
What to expect:
You are going to see more changes over the next few weeks, the biggest change be...

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